Career & Technical

Rebecca Devoss (Clifford)
Medical Microbiology & Forensic Science
Joye Ardrey
Principles of Education, Human Growth & Development, Instructional Practices in Education, & Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness
Elise Arellano
DIM Graphic Design Animation Advanced Animation
Jungil Cho
Biotechnology 1 & 2, Scientific Research & Design, & Forensic Science
Kelly Foster
Architecture & Engineering
Andrea Gabler
Engineering, IPC, & OnRamps Physics
Audrey Gonzalez
Pre-AP Chemistry & Forensic Science
Josh Gregory
DIM & Athletics
Holly Griffin
English IV, AP Literature, & Digital Media
Samuel L. Groom
Speech, Debate, AVID II & III, Teen Leadership
Victoria Hamilton
Health Science Teacher- Health Science Theory and Practice-Medical Assistant and Principles of Health Science
Julie Haney
Principles of Architecture & Animation 1
Tracey Heffernan
Culinary Arts
Heather Herndon
Medical Terminology & Principles of Health Science
Timothy Holland
AP Physics, Digital Electronics, & Astronomy
Marie Isokpunwu
Intro to Engineering Design/Physics
Lisa Ivy
On Level & PreAP Chemistry, Aquatics, & Principles of Biomedical Sciences
Reid Johnson
Culinary Arts and Culinary Practicum
Keith Kirsch
Principles of Law & Law Enforcement
Michelle Langloss
Law Enforcement, Court Systems, & Law Practicum
Kevin Lewis
DIM & Athletics
Rob McDonald
Culinary Arts & Practicum in Culinary Arts
Natalie Moeckel
Robert Moliski
Principles of Hospitality
Sara Parriott
Jill Partington-Medina
Fashion I, Fashion II & Practicum, & Interior Design
Lisa Pfluger
Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Principles of Business Marketing and Finance, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, & Social Media Marketing
Michael Plaza
Adrian Prado
Computer Science I & III, AP Computer Science. Independent Studies
Daryl Reeves
Rachel Sotelo
CRHS Academies
Cassie Torres
AP Biology & Forensic Science
Joshua Twilligear
A/V Production (Principals, Advanced)
Stephannie Williams