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Valerie Alexis
Inclusion Teacher
Brick Amundsen
Psychology, AP Psychology, & AP World History
Joye Ardrey
Public Services Academy Lead - Education and Training
Elise Arellano
DIM Graphic Design Animation Advanced Animation
Jonathan Arenaz
Assistant Principal, Min-Sao
Donna Ashley
Greg Avila
Inclusion Social Studies/Biology; Assistant Football and 9th grade Basketball
Carlotta Bacon
Melanie Baldon
Administrative Assistant to Denise Gallego & Heath Walz
Brian Banks
Laura Beal
Applied Algebra & Inclusion
Brandy Beasley
Counselor Gra-Jom
John Benner
Chemistry/Anatomy & Physiology
Deborah Bialo
Applied English I and Applied English II & Inclusion
Ashley Billington
US History Teacher
Katie Biven
Adapted PE Teacher-Adapted PE/Partners in PE
Quinton Black
Head Boys Basketball
Lisa Blair
Geometry & Pre-AP Geometry
Lissett Bohannon
Counselor Bus- Dia
Valerie Bombardella-Ingels
PAP/TAG PreCalculus & PAP/TAG Geometry
Charles Boswell
Assistant Offensive Line (Football), Freshman Basketball, Assistant Track, Math Modeling
Norma Brenner
Cynthia Brewer
Reading Specialist
Candace Briceno-Connolly
Dean Bujnoch
AQR & Pre-Calculus
Stevie Baldwin-Sutton Button
Director- Royalty, Dance Teacher
Susan Cantu
Sr. Administrative Associate to Jiae Kim
Shawna Cardona
SPED Dept. Chair, Inclusion Teacher, Freshmen Volleyball, Varsity Assistant Softball
Candle Carmichael
Athletic Training/Sports Medicine 1 &2 Instructor
Anita Carrizales
Administrative Assistant to Laurie Chamblee
Wendy Castillo
Teen Parent Coordinator
Laurie Chamblee
Assistant Principal, A-Dat
Deborah Chavez
Jungil Cho
Anatomy and Physiology-CTE health science, AP Physics 1
Bobbi Chock
SPED Inclusion
Sarah Christian
Credit Recovery Teacher
Amada Clark
PreAP PreCal Strategic Learning
Peg Clark
Math Dept. Chair, PAP Algebra 2, Strategic Learning Math Teacher
Scott Clark
Rebecca Clifford
Biology & Forensic Science
Dixie Cockrell
Nancy Colclasure
Health Science, HOSA Advisor
Larrie Colton
Relda Comer
Applied Geometry, Applied Math Modeling, Applied Algebra II
Kristie Copeland
Director: Theatre and Musical Theatre
Morgan Correro
Algebra 1 Teacher
Cynthia Dacarett
World Languages Dept. Chair, Spanish Teacher, Co-Sponsor Spanish National Honor Society
Arthur Davis
ISS Instructor
Sarah Davis
Art Teacher
Dolores Avendano Deaver
Pre-AP Biology/Biology
Leslie Decker
Lisa DelDotto
Counselor Mat-Pac
Roger DeRoeck
Alyssa Dotson
American Sign Language Teacher
Marilyn Ellison
Administrative Assistant to Jonathan Arenaz & James Hall
Laurel Fain
Social Studies Teacher
Rawley Farrell
PE Teacher/Athletic Coach
Katherine Finch
Office Specialist - Special Education
Kelly Foster
CTE Dept. Chair, Architecture & Engineering Teacher; FBLA Co-Sponsor
Alex Frossard
Geometry & Class of 2018 Sponsor
Daniel Fuchs
Assistant Principal, Hol-Mil
Andrea Gabler
On-Level Physics, Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering
Denise Gallego
Sylvia Garcia
Administrative Assistant to Dan Fuchs
Paul Garrison
Audrey Gonzalez
PreAP Chemistry Teacher
April Gonzalez
Counselor Pad-Rui
Diana Graham
General Employability Skills, Career Prep
Josh Gregory
DIM, Football, Track
Holly Griffin
Drew Griffin
Science Teacher
Samuel L. Groom
Speech, Debate, AVID II & III, Teen Leadership
Howard Guttmann
World Geography, Pre-AP World Geography, Assistant Boys Soccer
Flora Hahn
ESL Teacher
James Hall
Assistant Principal, Sap-Z
Victoria Hamilton
Health Science Teacher- Health Science Theory and Practice-Medical Assistant and Principles of Health Science
Brad Harper
AP US History & AP Seminar
Kristin Harper
Kristin Harper-Hill
Assistant Principal, Dav-Hog
Jonathan Hayden
Pre-AP English II, English II
Carla Heller
Administrative Assistant to Sam Robinson/Athletic Office
Rebecca Hemm
Algebra1/Assistant Cheer Coach
Kristin Hendricks
Social Studies Teacher
Laura Henkel
Applied World Geography/Applied World History/Inclusion
Angela Henson
Algebra 2 & Pre AP Algebra 2
Susan Highfield
Caty Hight
AP Human Geography, AVID, JV Cheer
Tyler Hobbs
World History, Coach Football and Baseball
Beth Hochhalter
Library Assistant
Adrienne Hodge
Art Teacher
Timothy Holland
Lori Holmes
Gregory Horner
Assistant Band Director
Sherri Hughes
Marie Isokpunwu
Teacher (Physics and Introduction to Engineering Design), Sponsor (Engineering Club, Women in STEM, UIL Robotics), Physics PLC Lead, STEM Academy Lead
Lisa Ivy
On Level & PreAP Chemistry
Zachary Jackson
Visual Art Teacher / Art Dept. Lead: Art I; Ceramics I; Ceramics II; Ceramics III; AP 3-D Portfolio; Pre-AP Portfolio
Belinda Jacobs
Astronomy, Physics, Earth & Space Science--OnRamps
Jose Jimenez-Rivera
Shelly Jipp
English Department Chair, English II, PreAP English II, Student Activities Director, UIL Academic Coach
Reid Johnson
Culinary Arts and Culinary Practicum
Claire Jones
Natasha Jones
Francis Jones
Devita Jo Joy
Science & Math Inclusion, Head Bowling Coach
Thomas Kellough
Pre-AP Biology - AP Environmental Science
Hunter Kent
English IV Assistant Football and Soccer
Jiae Kim
Teri Kirby
English Teacher/Head Cheer Coach
Juliet Kirk
Beginning and Intermediate Piano, Music Theory I, Music and Media Communications
Keith Kirsch
Vanessa Kneupper
Kate Kopke
Counselor Dib-Goz
Sarah Kramer
Algebra 2, PAP Algebra 2, Assistant Soccer
Loyce Lackey
English III, LLI, Feature Writing
Ashley Ladewig
English I & English I Pre-AP
Megan Lanfear
AP Literature and Composition, English IV
Michelle Langloss
Law 1, Law 2, Court Systems, Disaster Response
Don Lawler
SPED Inclusion English
Rosie Lee
Assistant Registrar
Kevin Lewis
Stephanie Major
Biology and Pre-Ap Biology
Christen Manning
Dance Teacher/Royalty Assistant Director
Chalice Marcano
Counselor Ruj-Toq
Jhared Marshall
Jay Martin
Head Choir Director
Alma Martinez
ESL Specialist/Reading Interventionist
Anne Maschka
English Teacher
Rob McDonald
Culinary Arts I & II
Raasin Mcintosh
ESL Specialist
Noe Medrano
Statistics, Geometry
Han Milare
Cait Mitrowski
Robert Moliski
PIT Principles of Hospitality Advertising and Sales Promotion
Jamie Moody
SPED Applied/Inclusion Teacher
Ashley Moran
AP World History, Sociology
Kristen Morrow
Assistant Choir Director
James Mosley
Mark Mullins
Government & Football Co-Offensive Coordinator
Sonia Munoz
ESL Educational Assistant
James Ninh
Math Teacher/Athletic Coach
Lars Nyberg
Government/Head Men's Soccer/Cross Country
Morgan Olsem
Azucena Overman
AP Statistics, Regular Statistics, UIL Number Sense Coach, UIL Calculator Coach, UIL Academic Coordinator
Matt Owens
Bryan Parker
Sara Parriott
Student Store Advisor, Business Teacher, Business & Industry Academy Lead, FCA Sponsor, DECA Sponsor
Jill Partington-Medina
Interior Design Advanced Interior Design Fashion Design Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
John Peterson
Band Director
Lisa Pfluger
Advertising; Global Business; Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance; Social Media Marketing; Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Laura Govea, Ph.D.
CTE-STEM: Biotechnology Program
Matthew Phelps
Mike Plaza
Construction Teacher
Daniella Poirier
Instructional Technology Specialist
Brent Pool
Head Golf Coach/PE Teacher
Cori Pool
Government, Head Boys & Girls Tennis Coach
John Pool
Tuesday AM, Wednesday PM
Rose Pool
Counselor Jon-Mas
Jessica Poole
Assistant Athletic Coordinator/Head Softball Coach
Roger “Bevo” Potter
Adrian Prado
Computer Science/CTE Teacher
Darin Ramsey
Spanish Teacher/Athletic Coach
Daryl Reeves
Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Head Football Coach, Career and Technology Teacher
Will Renfro
ARD Facilitator
Kaitlin Rightler
Melody Robertson
Karen Robertson
Piano/Music Theory Teacher
Marlo Rockhold
English I and English I PreAP
Rick Rodriguez
Assistant Band Director
Michael Rodriguez
Chemistry Teacher
Cathy Rollins
English III and AP English Language & Composition
Cesar Ronquillo
LeAnn Rowe
Pre-AP and AP Chemistry, AP Seminar, Science Depart. Chair
Michelle Rucker
Linda Rudwick
Marie Ryan
Attendance Asst.
Carrie Sawyer
ARD Facilitator
Daniel Schalit
Physics and Environmental Systems teacher
Tobin Schneider
Social Studies/Athletic Coach
Karen Searles
Ballet, Jazz, Dance, Dance & Media, Dance Educators, Assist Nobility
Melissa Sellars
Thomas Shands
Journalism, Photojournalism, Excalibur Yearbook, Quill Student Newspaper, Muse Literary & Arts Magazine
Edleeta Shands
English II ; English II PreAP
Tiffany Shaw
English II/Pre-AP English II
Kendall Shultz
English III & English III AP
Rolanda Smart
Truancy Officer for Cedar Ridge Feeder Schools
Greg Smith
Instructional Technology Specialist
Julia M. Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Theatre Tech Director
Rachel Sotelo
CTE Academy Specialist
Abigail Soto
Art Teacher, Art 1, Sculpture 2, Sculpture 3, Drawing 1
Mark Stohrer
Head Coach Swimming & Diving/Credit Recovery
Tara Strain
Applied English III & IV Teacher/Inclusion
Kati Stringer
Speech and Language Therapy
Yilin Tang
Chinese Language and Culture
Cassie Torres
AP Biology, AVID 4, Forensic Science, NHS Sponsor
Marian Torres-Casta
Robert Tovar
Inclusion Support for Algebra I and Algebra II
Allison Travis
Joshua Twilligear
A/V Production (Principals, Advanced)
D’Ann VanderLaan
Physical Education, Varsity Assistant Volleyball, Assistant Basketball
Stephanie Velasco
Arminda Velasquez
Assistant Band Director
Carrie Vicars
SPED Focus Teacher
Ray Waguespack
Jim Wahrer
Macie Walker
PALS, JV Volleyball, Assistant Track
Heath Walz
Associate Principal
Kelsi Weseman
SPED Inclusion/Athletic Coach
Danielle White
Pre-AP Biology & Medical Microbiology
Stephannie Williams
Health Science (Principles of Health Science and CNA)
David Wilson
Social Studies/Athletic Coach
Joy Windell
Computer Science Teacher
Taylor Wolfe
Social Studies/Athletic Coach
Melissa Wolter
Social Studies Dept. Chair, U.S. History
Savion Wright
Social Studies Teacher
Julie Wu