Rebecca Devoss (Clifford)
Biology & Forensic Science
Jungil Cho
Biotechnology 1 & 2, Scientific Research & Design, & Forensic Science
Scott Clark
Biology & Athletics
Dolores Avendano Deaver
Pre-AP Biology/Biology
Roger DeRoeck
Travis Eaton
Chemistry & Environment Science
Andrea Gabler
Engineering, IPC, & OnRamps Physics
Audrey Gonzalez
Pre-AP Chemistry & Forensic Science
Drew Griffin
Science Teacher
Timothy Holland
AP Physics, Digital Electronics, & Astronomy
Marie Isokpunwu
Intro to Engineering Design/Physics
Lisa Ivy
On Level & PreAP Chemistry, Aquatics, & Principles of Biomedical Sciences
Belinda Jacobs
Applied IPC & Applied Aquatic Science
Devita Jo Joy
Inclusion Science
Thomas Kellough
AP Environmental Science, Biology, & Pre-AP Biology
Stephanie Major
Biology and Pre-Ap Biology
James Mosley
Aquatic Science
Maysara Nassar
Biology & Athletics
Heather Pedraza
Chemistry & Pre-AP Chemistry
Cassie Torres
AP Biology & Forensic Science