Special Education

Valerie Alexis
Inclusion Teacher
Greg Avila
Inclusion Social Studies/Biology; Assistant Football and 9th grade Basketball
Carlotta Bacon
Laura Beal
Applied Algebra & Inclusion
Deborah Bialo
Applied English I and Applied English II & Inclusion
Shawna Cardona
SPED Dept. Chair, Inclusion Teacher, Freshmen Volleyball, Varsity Assistant Softball
Bobbi Chock
SPED Inclusion
Relda Comer
Applied Geometry, Applied Math Modeling, Applied Algebra II
Katherine Finch
Office Specialist - Special Education
Diana Graham
General Employability Skills, Career Prep
Laura Henkel
Applied World Geography/Applied World History/Inclusion
Natasha Jones
Devita Jo Joy
Science & Math Inclusion, Head Bowling Coach
Don Lawler
SPED Inclusion English
Jamie Moody
SPED Applied/Inclusion Teacher
Morgan Olsem
Will Renfro
ARD Facilitator
Carrie Sawyer
ARD Facilitator
Tara Strain
Applied English III & IV Teacher/Inclusion
Kati Stringer
Speech and Language Therapy
Robert Tovar
Inclusion Support for Algebra I and Algebra II
Carrie Vicars
SPED Focus Teacher
Ray Waguespack
Jim Wahrer
Kelsi Weseman
SPED Inclusion/Athletic Coach