Greg Avila
Inclusion Social Studies/Biology; Assistant Football and 9th grade Basketball
Katie Biven
Adapted PE Teacher-Adapted PE/Partners in PE
Quinton Black
Physical Education/Head Boys Basketball
Charles Boswell
Algebraic Reasoning
Candle Carmichael
Sports Medicine
Scott Clark
Biology & Athletics
Rawley Farrell
PE Teacher/Athletic Coach
Josh Gregory
DIM & Athletics
Howard Guttmann
World Geography, Pre-AP World Geography, Assistant Boys Soccer
Francis Jones
World History
Hunter Kent
English IV Assistant Football and Soccer
Teri Kirby
English Teacher/Head Cheer Coach
Sarah Kramer
Algebra 2 & Pre-AP Algebra 2
Kevin Lewis
DIM & Athletics
Mark Mullins
Government & Football Co-Offensive Coordinator
Maysara Nassar
Biology & Athletics
Lars Nyberg
Government/Head Men's Soccer/Cross Country
Matt Owens
Athletic Trainer
Brent Pool
Head Golf Coach/PE Teacher
Cori Pool
Government, Head Boys & Girls Tennis Coach
Jessica Poole
Assistant Athletic Coordinator/Head Softball Coach
Darin Ramsey
Spanish Teacher/Athletic Coach
Eric Soto
World Geography
Mark Stohrer
Swimming & Diving/Credit Recovery
Macie Trotter
Kelsi Weseman
SPED Inclusion/Athletic Coach
David Wilson
World Geography
Taylor Wolfe
SPED Inclusion