Jonathan Arenaz
Assistant Principal, Min-Sao
Melanie Baldon
Administrative Assistant to Denise Gallego & Heath Walz
Susan Cantu
Sr. Administrative Associate to Jiae Kim
Anita Carrizales
Administrative Assistant to Laurie Chamblee, Dan Fuchs and Kristin Harper-Hill
Laurie Chamblee
Assistant Principal, A-Dat
Marilyn Ellison
Administrative Assistant to Jonathan Arenaz & James Hall
Daniel Fuchs
Assistant Principal, Hol-Mil
Denise Gallego
Lead Counselor
James Hall
Assistant Principal, Sap-Z
Kristin Harper-Hill
Assistant Principal, Dav-Hog
Carla Heller
Administrative Assistant to Sam Robinson/Athletic Office
Jiae Kim
Heath Walz
Associate Principal
Photo of front of CRHS